ahhatechoo (simonsays__) wrote in locale_am,

well holy shit godddamn.

happy December.

this livejournal page is kind of dead ..

how is everyone ?

the pinole area is fine.

and any Locale fan is a friend of mine.
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Well yeah. Locale is dead, makes sense that the community would be. Still sad they had to break up though. I never did hear the reason though, anyone have any inside info?
you hear about eric? sadd
i heard he lost a leg...to an old man..while they were aurguing over crab cakes...in australia.
portland is cold and fairly unhappy. at least, at my house. luckily i'm coming home for 10 days in 2 weeks.!
... forgot to say that home is the bay area. petaluma (north bay) to be exact.
so i don't really get any of the livejournal stuff but i will always love locale a.m. so i thought i'd say hi. and wondering if there's anyway to find "dead man dyin" anywhere. did yall know that they had 16 songs to be recorded the month after they broke up! oh, the tragedy.